Welcome! This is Tveit Union Musikkorps!

Tveit Union Musikkorps (TUM) is an amateur marching band with musicians from age 15 to 50. We play concerts and local events, but our core is in drill - tattoos and marching.

Our home is in Kristiansand i the south of Norway and we are well known for our precise and millitary style in marching and tattoo shows.

The band has in the last few years participated in tattoo-shows in France (Tattoo Saint-Quentin 2017), Germany (Bremen Tattoo 2019, Berlin Tattoo 2017 and 2022), Denmark (Ringriderfesten i Sønderborg 2016, 2018 and 2022) and Russia (Spasskaya 2019), in addition to big and small venues in Norway.

In 2020 and 2021 we won the Norwegian VIVO-competition for adult bands.



Our 2022 video in collaboration with our creative friends Amodei Visual

VIVO 2021

NMF VIVO competition 2021

Winner adult band class

VIVO 2020

NMF VIVO competiton 2020

Winner adult band class